Our goal is not to be the largest wine company in the market, but the best one.

A company that offers diversity in its selection of wines, focusing on producers united in their dedication to a non-interventionist approach in both their cellars and in their Vineyards. Our producers are those who respect their land by not utilizing harmful chemicals, and respect for

their wines, by not over-manipulating them during the winemaking process.

Our wines reflect the diverse needs of the market. We include wines at many different price
points. We appeal to the experienced wine devotee and newcomer alike, addressing classic
appellations and current trends but always with an eye to the future.
We embrace the mainstream wine media, but not rely upon them.

We sell wines that we believe in, whether they have earned high scores and praise or not.
We are here to build something together: Vineyard, Importer /Distributor and Customer.
It is imperative that we keep to these principles to reach our goal, which is to be the best wine
company in the American market.

James Sheehan - president

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