As my late friend Salvador Dali said, “Great wine requires a mad man to grow the wine, a wise man to watch over it, a lucid poet to make it and a lover to drink it”. To help our partners trade better and consolidate customers’ trust in their ability to get them the wines with the best qualities possible. We want to create a world where quality wine is always available and a happy moment is always achievable. 

To lead the wine importation and distribution line in the United States and other countries worldwide by sourcing top-notch wines every wine lover will like. We retain our wines’ quality by ensuring their proper preservation in the wine cellar until it gets to our partners.

James Sheehan - President

Importers and Distributors of  Fine Wines & Spirits

We import fine wines and spirits from:  Italy, France Portugal, Argentina, Mexico. We also distribute wines and spirits from the United States. 

Our values have remained consistent  since the formation of Ditta Claretta e co, S.p.A by my great grandfather. We have kept this value alive through unparalleled dedication and commitment to diversity and quality wine. We have work with tons of wine sellers, retailers, and wholesalers across the globe; we offer them the unique opportunity to have available wines that are carefully produced and perfectly preserve to their customers.

Collaboration with Quality Oriented Wine Producers

We collaborate with producers who are dedicated to the preservation of their eco-system. Our producers are those who reverence their land which ensures non-harmful products are added tom their wines.

We Give Back to Society

We give 1% of our sales to the The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.