La Patareina, Cico Pinèn, Barolo (2013)

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La Patareina, Cico Pinèn, Barolo (2013)

La Patareina, Cico Pinèn, Barolo (2013)

This red wine from Piemonte, Italy, is made using Nebbiolo grapes. It has a complex taste balanced by red fruit and spice. The light touch of wood and the floral notes makes it a special one. Its aroma is quite distinct and it pairs well with meats.

Type: Wine - Still - Red

Producer: La Patareina

Region: Piemonte, Italy

Grape: Nebbiolo Barolo

Appellation: Piemonte

Size: 750 mL × 6


Bouquet: Floral notes, minerality, light touch of wood

Taste: Complex, balanced, red fruit, spice and minerality

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