La Patareina, Piemonte Cortese (2018)

Sheehan Brothers

La Patareina, Piemonte Cortese (2018)

La Patareina, Piemonte Cortese (2018)

This Italian wine has a nice fruity taste and it is not too dry. In it, there is a tinge of sweetness and a medium level of acidity as well. A good white wine for those everyday wine times once you acquire the taste because it does take some convincing.

Type: Wine - Still - White

Producer: La Patareina

Region: Piemonte, Italy

Grape: Cortese

Appellation: Piemonte

Size: 750 mL × 12

SKU: SHE-Piercor18-750

Bouquet: Strong floral notes with hints of tropical fruits and citrus

Taste: Aromatic, velvity and harmonious

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