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Count Camillo Claretta Assandri  was my great grandfather, from my mother;'s side of the family. He was a great businessman, very well known all over in Europe and he was extremely passionate about Champagnes and French wines. After the First World War, 1919, my great grandfather called upon friends of the family who were historical wine makers and merchants and founded an import and distribution company in Italy called Ditta Claretta e co, S.p.A. Thanks to his personal friendship with Paul Chandon - Moët, (owner of Moet Chandon, Dom Perignon, Ruinart and Henessy, from Champagne; Schroder family of Schroder & Schyler from Bordeaux - founded in 1763, Dopff family from Alsace, (founded in 1574, and the Drapier family from Bourgone, - founded in 19th Century), he gained the opportunity to become their sole importer and distributors in Italy . Thanks to his great abilities and success, he eventually signed with of Ruinart Champagnes, Hennesy Cognac and many Bordeaux's and Burgundy wines. For many years, the company grew in success and name.

During the last years of WWII, the company was shut down. Luckily, Sir Winston Churchill came to the rescue. On the eve of the Normandy landings his famous words were:" Remember, gentleman, it's not just France we are fighting for, it's Champagne!" And thus my great grandfather, thanks to Churchill help, reopened the business. Eventually, when Moët Chandon was sold to become a public company, my grandfather released its distribution rights. Right after, he decided to close Ditta Claretta and retire. 


Sheehan Brothers Importers, is Ditta Claretta's child. Born from my great grandfather's passion, the company is growing into my sons and mine's vision of bringing all over the world our exceptional  and unique products!


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