"Wine brings to light the hidden secrets of the soul."


Our Mission at Sheehan Brothers is to exceed the expectations of what our clients and partners might find when working with an American importer/distributor. We never set out to become the largest wine and spirit company in the industry. We simply believe in a lot of hard work, attention to detail and establishing a long lasting sense of trust with the people we work alongside. Our diversification when selecting our portfolio of wines and spirits is what we believe will always make us a distinctive resource in our trade. We will always continue to dream and strive to impress a range of palates by offering quality as well as value, in the hopes of transcending that to our customers.

Wine Importer

That small Sheehan Brothers emblem that you can find on the back of our bottles represents our careful selection. When considering working with a winemaker or spirit distiller, we first examine for quality. With a long history in the business starting with our founder’s Great Grandfather, we have devoted consistent time and passionate moments to source quality unadulterated wines as well as spirits. We love wine, be it white, red, rosé or sparkling; we have transformed this love into a business of passion venturing off into our appreciation of craft spirits. We envision ourselves as a different kind of player within the industry, and our pride solely lies in our producers’ ability to pay careful attention to our quality standards of every ounce of liquid before it makes it into a bottle that we stand behind. We import a wide variety of wines and spirits paying attention to market demand but also bring into Sheehan Brothers selections what we think deserves the recognition of the American consumer.

Wine Distributor

Here at Sheehan Brothers, we are always looking towards growth as well as the future and for partners who share a similar set of goals. The decisions we make as a company, although bold, are calculative. We believe in not only working hard but intelligently. We invite partnerships with emerging and existing brands as well other distributors to form strategic routes to market. While keeping a traditional and ethical approach to the industry, we will always leave room to embrace technological innovations. I look forward to connecting with you.

“Being part American, Spanish and Italian, I decided to follow my great grandfather’s footsteps, Count Camillo Claretta Assandri. I commenced work in devising a company with my two children, James and Carla, who also developed a similar passion for great wine. With a simple business my family started years back, it is safe to say that Sheehan Brothers Corp. has been over 100 years in the making. A passion for winesand spirits was passed down to me by my great grandfather and I guess it has just remained alive in my blood.”

–James Sheehan, President & Founder

Founder Fun Fact

“Interestingly, I developed my love for wines right from birth. I was born on a holiday and I could never forget the story about the photo of my mother taken immediately after my birth. The picture portrays her carrying me in her left arm while holding a flute of Dom Pérignon in her right hand. She was toasting with her grandfather when a drop of Champagne fell directly into my mouth! And that is how I tasted Champagne at birth.”