"Wine brings to light the hidden
secrets of the Soul"


Wine, at its best, is capable of so much more than just a beverage. Wine can act like a form of art, creating a sensory experience that is greater than the sum of its parts. That is why there are many expressions of great wines, and we believe that creating a bottle of wine is an “art”. It can even be an emotional experience, practically bringing an experienced wine drinker to tears. However, whereas other forms of art: music, painting, sculpture, are produced by a person, our art is a pure expression of nature, Mother Nature expressing herself through the manipulations of a winemaker.

The mission of our wines, winemaker is to harness this natural expression and to get it into bottle without interfering too much. If a winemaker manipulates the wine too much, too much oak, too much extraction, it gets in the way of the natural voice of the wine. Where the winemaker pays most attention to every detail of the process and to picking by taste not by numbers. When a winemaker tries to manipulate a wine too much to make it a certain style, they obliterate the natural expression the wine could have been. The wine then speaks more of the technique than of nature. Whether it is using too much oak, pushing extraction of color and concentration, reverse osmosis or other techniques, our wines never quite do it. They like and seek transparency and balance in a wine more than anything.

James Sheehan - President

James Sheehan is part American/part Italian, and part Spanish. I decided to follow my great grandfather's footsteps, Count Camillo Claretta Assandri, hence the formation of the Sheehan Brothers. I started the business with my two children (James and Carla), who developed a similar passion for white and red wines. And today, the simple business, started years back, uphold a history of above 100 years. The passion for Champagnes, white and red wines, was passed down by my great grandfather and remained alive in my blood.

Fun Fact

Interestingly, I developed my love for wines right from birth. I mean before I even taste my mother’s milk. I was born on a holiday. I never forget the story about the photo of my mother taken after my birth. The picture portrays her carrying me in her left arm while holding a glass of Don Perigon Champagne in her right hand. She was toasting with her grandfather when a drop of Champagne fell into my mouth. And that was how I tasted Champagne at birth.

Wine & Spirits Importer

Wine & Spirits Importer

That little badge that comes with every wine represents the ability to always deliver good and top-quality wines or otherwise. We are a wine importer with a reputation that has defined us well and is still representing us to date. We source only quality wines and spirits.

For every wine connoisseur, wine is an irreplaceable buddy. By importing quality wines and making them available in your country, we give you the best buddy ever.

We are a wine importer with a long history; right from my great grandfather's time, we have devoted consistent time and passionate moments to source quality unadulterated wines. We love wines, be it white, red, rosé or sparkling; we have transformed this love into a business of passion.. We are importers with a difference, and our pride lies in our producers' ability to pay careful attention and quality consideration to every ounce of wine you consume.

We import different varieties of wines paying attention to market demand and wine quality. We love for you to taste quality wines.

Wine & Spirits Distributor

Our history, again, starts from the time of my great grandfather back to 1919 in France. He crafted the reputation the Sheehan Brother cannot fail to uphold. We are the best wine distributors in Italy, France, Portugal, California, South America, and Spain.

We make quality wines available for every seller, and our badge can only be found on the wines we believe, whether they have earned high scores and praise or not.

We have gained a range of customers who do not just believe in good wines but also believe in our ability to source and distribute good wine. On that trust, our brand has strived right from the moment of its existence. We take the huge step and ensure that we only distribute quality wines; that is how we uphold our long history.

A business with us promises a positive, profit-yielding experience. We ensure you have different unadulterated wines to serve every customer's need. Hence, we help your business flourish better.

Wine & Spirits Distributor


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