Tequila, Perfecto Mundo, Añejo

Sheehan Brothers

Tequila, Perfecto Mundo, Añejo

Tequila, Perfecto Mundo, Añejo

Made in Jalisco in Mexico, this tequila is bright golden in color and aged for three years in French oak and bourbon barrels. It has a chocolate taste backed with vanilla and smooth American flavors. The aroma of cooked agave, chocolate, and vanilla is quite enticing.

Type: Spirits - Tequila

Producer: Perfecto Mundo

Region: Jalisco, Mexico

Color: Bright Golden Color

Aging: 3 years in French oak and Bourbon barrels

Size: 750 mL × 6

SKU: SHE-PerMunAn-750

Aromas: Cooked agave, chocalate and Vanilla

Taste: Chocolate, vanilla and smooth American oak

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